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In this program, students can choose from the many challenging classes offered including Grammar, Reading, Conversation, Listening, Writing, and Vocabulary, not to mention Idioms, Pronunciation, and Phrasal Verbs. Classes have an average of 8 students. With guidance from our counselors, students have the freedom to choose subjects, class times, and teachers best suited to their learning style.

Classes are 55 minutes in length and are held from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Students can register for courses of three, four, five or six hours per day.

Over 300 classes to choose from


Beginner classes are designed for students with little or no knowledge of English and focus on building a solid foundation of English skills. Classes cover topics such as learning the English alphabet, basic vocabulary, and grammar. Students taking beginner- level classes will typically spend four to eight weeks before moving on to higher-level classes.

These classes are conducted to give each student plenty of speaking practice in an encouraging environment. Teachers challenge students with different daily topics and exercises. Even the shyest of students will join in! Our teachers balance correcting students’ mistakes with confidence-building exercises. Classes cover everything from structured conversations using textbook exercises, such as giving directions or using the phone, to debating current issues on challenging subjects.

Grammar is one of the most important subjects for students in their English curriculum. Our Grammar teachers use the latest grammar textbooks and communicative techniques involving written, verbal, and interactive classroom activities. This makes learning grammar interesting, comprehensive, and useful. It’s important to continue reviewing the rules of grammar all the way through one’s English studies.

Proper pronunciation is essential to understanding others and to being understood. The Pronunciation classes at Hansa do much more than use the “repeat-after-me” method. Our experienced teachers use multimedia devices, voice recordings, phonetics, and speech and breathing exercises. Students learn how to speak with the proper mouth positions, rhythm, stress, and intonation. Pronunciation classes will make you sound more like a native English speaker

The ability to understand what you are hearing is a vital part of learning any language. At Hansa, we recognize that there is a big difference between being able to understand when words are slowly and clearly pronounced as opposed to when words are spoken quickly with contractions and regional accents. Listening classes incorporate multimedia equipment, television, and music to train the student’s ear to pick up subtle differences in tone, rhythm, and intonation.

You think that you speak English well and then “out of the blue” a native English speaker says something that you don’t understand. You may simply need to attend some Idioms classes at Hansa. Idioms may seem informal and include elements of slang and phrasal verbs but they are essential to understanding and mastering the everyday usage of the language.

Perhaps the most important part of learning a language is acquiring a practical and functional vocabulary. Hansa’s Vocabulary classes focus on increasing a student’s mental dictionary while helping the student to properly use and retain vocabulary in different contexts. Hansa’s instructors use a variety of resources including current events, business reports, and relevant social topics. Students are encouraged to view English vocabulary as a tool for future endeavours in life, business, and higher education.

Reading classes help students to explore the structure and meaning of the language in a deeper context. Students learn to put vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar to practical use. Hansa’s Reading classes combine the use of textbooks and novels with everyday material, such as newspapers and magazines. Intermediate level students develop skills such as skimming, scanning and using context to discover meaning. Advanced level students are taught to look for hidden or secondary meanings and understand literary techniques, such as simile and metaphor.

Writing classes teach students to produce proper essays, letters, business correspondence, short stories, personal resumes (or CV’s), and much more. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and structure while learning the writing skills that they will need in order to attend a Canadian university, do business internationally, or keep in touch with friends.

Phrasal verbs, such as “find out” or “give up,” are verbs that consist of more than one word, usually including a preposition. Knowing phrasal verbs and the associated grammar rules is essential because of their common use in both formal and informal English. Hansa’s teachers make learning and using phrasal verbs fun and relevant, so our students really “catch on” quickly!

Business English students will learn business writing and terminology, finance vocabulary, documentation, effective sales and presentation skills, negotiation skills, and interview techniques. Students who complete a minimum of 60 hours of Business English classes as part of Hansa’s Intensive or Executive Programs will also receive a certificate in Business English.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English proficiency test required by most universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. Hansa has a long-standing reputation of excellence in preparing students for the TOEFL exam.

The International English Language Testing System is a language proficiency test accepted by many universities, colleges, businesses, and governments. Hansa offers preparation classes for both formats of IELTS exams, the Academic Module and the General Training Module.

EAP - English for Academic Purposes

Hansa's Academic Preparation Program builds a solid foundation for academic success at university or college in Canada. Speakers of English as a Second Language are required to have an advanced level of English and must achieve a minimum of 70% on a Hansa Level 8 Test to enter this program.


Classes/Hours per week

First Week

Each additional week

15 hours per week (3 classes per day)

CAD$ 235

CAD$ 135

20 hours per week (4 classes per day)

CAD$ 275

CAD$ 175

25 hours per week (5 classes per day)

CAD$ 315

CAD$ 215

30 hours per week (6 classes per day)

CAD$ 355


Please note: All programs require an additional CAD$100 non-refundable registration fee.

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